Collarette Inc.

Family Vision Care

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We offer a full range of optometric services including comprehensive adult and pediatric exams, contact lenses, and vision therapy


Our Clinic

Caring for your eyes is a lifelong undertaking. Before we start caring for your eyes, we make sure we find out about previous eye problems and your health in general. We aim to give you the best possible care. Our team will advise and provide options for your every vision need.


Our clinic is dedicated to providing personalized vision solutions and service in an environment that ensures the highest level of patient care, clinical results, surgical outcomes and guaranteed patient satisfaction.


Services include: routine eye health exams, emergency eye care services, surgical referrals, dry eye treatments and contact lens care. We also treat: eye infections, injuries, allergies and inflammations and we co-manage Lasik and cataract surgery. Our office office works closely with other ophthalmologists and eye care professionals to make sure that you receive the eye care that you deserve.