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When should a child have the first eye exam?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends a child have his/her first exam at 6 months of age. A child should have a comprehensive exam by 3 years of age. All children should have exams yearly.


What to expect

Typically a pediatric exam is tailored to every child’s age and needs. An exam include several tests, including vision assessment and a complete refraction test to determine if whether prescription for glasses is necessary, ocular motility testing, stereopsis and colour vision testing, and an ocular health exam. The standard pediatric exam lasts about 20 minutes.


Eye Drops

In some cases, we recommended that children have a cycloplegic refraction. The procedure involves the application of drops into the child’s eyes. This dilates the pupil and relaxes the focusing muscles within the eye. Once relaxes, the eye can be further assessed and a prescription can be finalized. The drops take 30 minutes to take effect and for that duration and after, the vision wil be blurred. The child will also experience sensitivity to light, and on occasion fatigue that can last up to 8 hours. The entire exam, including waiting for the eye drops to take effect, lasts approximately 40 minutes.